My First Short Film (Friyay)

All the Deets

I had an opportunity over this last weekend to participate in our university’s 48-hour short film festival. It was a blast! From helping to come up with a general plot, making up dialogue on the fly, acting slightly outside of my age range (heh), and everything in between within a 48-hour span of time, I’d say it was a pretty great introduction to the awesome world of indie film-making. I’d also like to acknowledge how grateful I am that I got to work with such a great team of friendly creatives for my first time out in the field. It may have been my first time meeting any of them but I already feel like we have the type of friendship where one of us could yell out “Hey! How’s life? How are your cats?” from the opposite side of the grocery store and no one would feel awkward or pretend that they didn’t know the crazy person conveniently standing in the fruit aisle. <Crickets chirping>

Anyhow, as this is probably the point in my story where my dad would groan and say “stop trying to be funny”, I will move on. Bear with me. I am still getting used to this whole writing everyday thing. We were only given 2 rules for the content of our video. (1) It had to include rubber gloves and (2) It had to include the line, “Don’t be scared. I just need you to come with me for a minute”. With those guidelines in mind, I’ll finally get to the point on my post, sharing the product of last weekend, “Proxy”. Hope you enjoy! 🙂 As usual, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Peace out,